Beer and Wine

Spokane Cork District

Spokane's Cork District features fifteen award-winning wineries within walking distance of one other. Many come to sample the wines and purchase cases to take home. Others frequent the lively tasting rooms to enjoy music, tours and learn more about wine making.

Plan your next wine adventure by visiting the Cork District website here.

Annual Events

Each year the Cork District hosts a variety of evens, like ValenWine Weekend in February or Spring Barrell Tasting over Mother’s Day weekend, which are also fun times to visit the wineries.

The Ale Trail

Where there is water, hops and barley you will find brewers. The Inland Northwest is home to more than twenty five breweries—each crafting beers from these simple ingredients, each with their own special style and character.

Use the Inland Northwest Ale Trail map to plan trips to the amazing breweries in the region and sample some of the best beers made. Inland Northwest brewers are passionate about their craft, each bringing their unique perspective to an ever-expanding variety of flavors and styles. Many breweries offer tours, which are a great way to get to know the brewers and to learn about the process.

Become a local brew expert by visiting the Ale Trail website here.