Downtown Spokane Partnership

The organization

The DSP is a non-profit membership organization established in 1995 to ensure the urban core remains a healthy regional center of business, retail trade, government, education, transportation, and living. The DSP is Spokane’s central city advocate and service provider for the downtown Business Improvement District. 

Recognizing that downtown revitalization benefits everyone living in the Spokane region, the DSP brings together those organizations committed to invigorating downtown Spokane’s economic, physical, and social environment. Membership is open to any and all individuals, partnerships, firms, corporations, and businesses interested in the welfare and development of downtown Spokane.

Today, more than 75 community-wide organizations fund a strategic agenda through membership in the DSP.  Member organizations have the option of enrolling at a level of their choosing with a minimum annual contribution of $525 ranging to $10,500 or more.

Importance to the community

The DSP’s activities are critical to the economic health of the entire community…from creating jobs, to improving the quality of life, to raising the value of downtown property. Whether it is a firm, an employee-recruit considering a position in Spokane, or a new family to the area, their opinion of Spokane as a suitable place to locate their business or move their family is largely formed by the appeal of the downtown area.  A vital downtown, as the center for commerce, entertainment and cultural activities plays an important role in the community’s ability to attract - and retain - people and investment.

Strategic Initiatives

The DSP actively pursues five strategic initiatives in collaboration with its partners and the community:

  1. An Enhanced Public Services strategy to maintain and promote a clean, safe and accessible downtown (through the Business Improvement District).
  2. A Public Policy strategy to encourage the adoption of governmental tools, guidelines and incentives to support the realization of downtown’s full potential.
  3. A Planning and Design strategy to create a beautiful, pedestrian-oriented urban environment maximizing the unique appeal of a downtown offering employment, culture, entertainment and natural assets.
  4. A Business Development strategy to help generate jobs and economic vitality by anticipating the ongoing and rapid changes in the location, type and requirements of new commercial activity.
  5. A Project Development strategy to aggressively advocate for necessary projects by securing public and private funding, ownership and partnership.